X4 has a darkened twist for ‘FEAR Summer Frights‘! Experience it while you can!

In 1994, a complex series of tunnels were discovered underground during routine excavation work at site Alpha-Vixen One. Deep within these tunnels the discovery of a lifetime was made, one that would alter the very course of humanity: an alien entity of unknown origin. ‘Project Leo’ was immediately green-lit by Omega Industries, a subdivision of the New World Order, and rigorous testing soon began.

Thirty years later, Omega Industries had created a terrifying new weapon, forged from the DNA of this creature; an unstoppable killing machine called Meca Leo, that not even they could control… When Meca Leo escaped, the research facility was immediately shut down and the ultimate fail safe was triggered; toxic gas was released into the atmosphere, and everything inside was left for dead.

The facility hasn’t been opened since, long forgotten to time. But three days ago, a distress beacon was triggered from deep inside… A task force has now been assembled and you are on the team: the mission is simple, reopen the abandoned facility and find the source. But be warned, with the facility shut down and no power inside, only a glow light will illuminate your way…