Winner of the ‘Best Experience’ award at the 2022 Scare Awards!

After being destroyed in a mysterious fire, the Douglas & Daughters Restoration team have begun work on the Stidham Village Sisters of Mercy Church, slowly returning it to its former glory. But something isn’t quite right; strange noises have been heard deep within the church, and volunteers claim to have seen something moving in the shadows. 


And then four days ago, a diary was discovered. A diary that once belonged to Mother Superior Amelia, and may reveal what happened all those years ago…


‘Day 14,245. I have always felt that this life was not gifted to me, yet forced upon me. Today shall be the day that the Sisters of Mercy understand the need to cleanse in fire. Today is the day to set these sinners free. Burn their souls, cleanse their hearts…’


Join the restoration team and journey deep into the heart of the church to uncover the secrets that lie within.