FEAR Scream Park

Get ready for #ABloodyGoodNight this October! Twice awarded as the UK’s Best Scream Park in 2019 & 2022, FEAR Scream Park is home to 5 terrifying scare attractions.  The 2024 season opens on the 11th October for just 11 nights!

Two zones and five multi-sensory and immersive scare attractions.


Stidham Village is a village in England that has seen the arrival of a traveling circus; its inhabitants can be seen in the House of Clowns and in the FEAR roaming Street Team. The local village church, which is under restoration, is the setting of Malefica. Alongside these attractions, it is also home to the Titans of Terror fire show, the main bar and VIP bar, the central food and beverage hub, merchandise and photography stands, and the funfair.


The Republic of England can be found to the right of the fire show in Stidham Village and is home to X4, VITA NOVA, and The Core.  These three attractions are collectively referred to as ‘The New World Order Trilogy’. While each attraction is a standalone experience, they are set in the same dystopian universe and have an overarching narrative, which ties them all together.

One ‘bolt on’ scare experience.

The Exorcism, is a scary experience like no other. Witness the suffering of Evelyn Grace and face the demon within. Tickets to this unique experience are limited, so avoid disappointment and book your place.

And returning once more are the infamous fire show, thrilling funfair rides, and our iconic street entertainment, making sure that nowhere is safe.


“Screams coming from every corner and probably the strongest unique maze lineup in the UK” Cupcakes and Coasters

“FEAR is one of our favourite places to come of the season. Their mazes are so impactful and tense and their actors are on point” ScareTrack

“Worth the hype” Your Experience Guide

“An incredible experience from beginning to end, the actors’ boundless energy, combined with an impressive number of roaming performers throughout the scream park, made the scare consistently effective” Scare Directory


Best Set & Design – The Core
Best Original Concept & Design – The Core
Best Original Concept & Design – The Exorcism
Best Scare Zones / Roaming Characters – FEAR Scream Park
Best Entertainment – Fire Show at FEAR Scream Park
Best UK Scream Park – FEAR Scream Park
Best Scare Experience – The Exorcism

Best Scare Zones / Roaming Characters – FEAR Scream Park

2024 Dates – 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 31st October. 1st & 2nd November.

This event has a minimum age requirement of 16 years.  Individuals below this age will not be permitted. Your age can be verified using your passport, provisional or driving licence, national identity card, or birth certificate.
Please note all under 18’s will require to be accompanied by a responsible adult over 18.

Tickets are non-transferable or refundable.

Avon Valley Country Park LTD trading as FEAR Scream Park.