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Thrill Nation Review 2023

“FEAR Scream Park is still very much #aBloodyGoodNight for 2023, with it having such high detailed stories, scares & screams than ever before. Across the board, FEAR has been able to produce such a fun…


FACE YOUR FEARS – the ONLY place to be this October is FEAR Scream Park at Avon Valley

After months of anticipation, FEAR 2023 is well underway! Bigger and better and dare we say it, scarier than ever before, FEAR 2023 is showing visitors why it’s one of the UK’s leading and award-winning…


The Scare Factor Review 2023

“We can’t applaud FEAR at Avon Valley enough for how spectacularly immersive their whole park is from start to finish, with all the worlds they have put together and all the stories that are constructed…


Cupcakes and Coasters Review 2023

“The variety of the attractions at FEAR is second to none in the UK and if you’re looking for more innovative, inventive haunts that do things you haven’t seen anywhere else and you haven’t already…


Scare Tour Review 2023

“For a park that only started under ten years ago, it is really easy to see how they have won so many awards since then, and why the event is so universally loved!” You can…


Parks Scares and Glitter Review 2023

“The whole event is a masterclass in scare and immersion and the scares come thick and fast from the moment you enter until the moment you leave. They put so much love and attention to…


Scare Directory Review 2023

“Frankly, if you’re only attending one scare event in the UK, this should be it.” You can read the full review here.  Please consider this review contains spoilers before reading.

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